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My First Attempt in making a Bridal Jewellery set January 5, 2010

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Finally delivered this jewellery set to a wonderful friend on 3rd Jan 2010, 2 weeks before her big big day. A great relief…

Was surprised when she gave me the opportunity to try out doing my very 1st set for her.. was panicking then .. was sketching some designs.. but scrapped them too.. as i went along buying the materials.. and see more materials and new techniques I have never attempted before.. while making was asking a lot of pple’s feedback too… and relief that she LOVED it.. thanks gal for the opportunity..

It was all worth it.. I felt… really want to thank her for giving this shot.. although I do not have any jewellery training or sketching in schools.. but praise God for this God-given, new found talent.. i guess..

Started this new skill a year ago.. and believe this is in God’s plans for me… Back then I planned to go to KL to visit my aunt with another friend who wanted to learn the basics in making simple jewellery. To be honest.. I didn’t showed any interest then.. just wanted to go and accompany my friend who is keen to learn.. then in the end.. unfortunately she was unable to go for that trip.. so I went ahead to KL for vacation instead.. and since I told my aunt we will be going down for some express classes.. the lessons still goes on.. with me only… so took up a few basics from my aunt while I am there…

Even coming back from the trip I still wzsn’t that keen.. until I decided to make some earrings for my usage and as gifts to frenz.. that this passion develop…slowly grows…

This passion further developed after my partner of shopatperwinkle approach me to start up this online shop…

And then this bridal jewellery set.. I looking forward for more of such adhoc projects…

So what do you think of the set??


Jewellery August 28, 2009

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How to Purchase August 11, 2009

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  1. Browse through our fabulous collection of clothes and accessories.
  2. Fill up the order table given below and send it to PeriWinkle via email.
    Our email address is
  3. Upon receiving your email, PeriWinkle will send you an order confirmation via email.
    This email will also advise you further on payment matters.
    Payment has to be made within 2 days.
  4. Upon receiving your payment, an order invoice will be send to you via email.
  5. Delivery takes maximum 5 working days upon receiving payment.
    However, some items may take longer than usual as they are out of stock and needs to be re-stock.
    Hence, PeriWinkle advise customers to read order confirmation email carefully before making payment.
  6. Lastly, please read terms and conditions carefully before making any order.
    Happy Shopping!

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Terms and Conditions

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  1. Merchandises sold are on first come first serve basis.
    As there are limited stock, PeriWinkle advise customers to make order ASAP.
  2. All prices stated on the site are EXCLUSIVE of delivery charges.
  3. PeriWinkle reserves the right to decline any order that are suspicious or with unreasonable requests.
  4. PeriWinkle reserves the right to make changes to prices stated on the website.
    PeriWinkle advise customers to check order confirmation carefully before making any payment. 
  5. PeriWinkle will not be responsible for any damages done during delivery.
  6. Merchandises bought are non-refundable as PeriWinkle will ensure merchandises to be in good quality before delivery.
  7. Delivery is to be made within Singapore only.
  8. Delivery duration may vary due to availability of merchandise.
  9. PeriWinkle reserves the right to make any changes to our terms and conditions.